Golf Swing Drill Tips: Don’t Let a Slice Derail Your Round at the Course

Slice is a dirty word for most golfers since there are quite a few of us who fall victim to it at some point during our golf experience. When you slice the ball, you end up hitting it off-center since your clubface opens up just a couple of degrees from center. Your shot will have a lot of sidespin that will most likely leave you with a bad lie for your next shot.

While slicing is a problem that affects many golfers, it is one that can be corrected fairly easily if you know how to diagnose the situation. Sometimes eliminating your slice can be as easy as changing your driver. Your slice may be caused by a driver with too little loft. Changing to a club with an eleven degree face could make all the difference in the world. You also want to make sure that your grip is firm and relaxed, with your thumbs forming an imaginary line to your shirt’s collar.

Your swing path plays an important role in where your shot goes and you want to make sure that your body is positioned to hit the ball long and straight. Shoulder alignment may be one of the most important aspects of your golf swing when it comes to preventing a slice. If you keep your shoulders straight through your backswing, you will hit the ball where you are aiming.

Taking an inside-out swing is another way to help prevent a slice. It allows you to counterbalance a slice with a hook. Hitting the back portion of the ball on the inside half of the club may help you hit the ball straighter. Hooking the ball on purpose is one way to keep a slice on the fairway.


Your 5-Minute Slice Fix, Golf Digest

 After Testing More Than 3,000 Swings, We Proved That One Type of Slice Cure Is Better Than the Rest,


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