Keep Your Eyes on the Prize: Improve Your Focus to Refine a Golf Swing

From Bobby Jones to Jack Nicklaus, the best of the best all have an air of confidence and a focused look in their eyes. Golfers aspiring to improve their golf swing should try to have the same. With that in mind, here are a few things you can do to improve your focus:



Prior to starting your swing, focus on proper balance from start to finish. Start off with a balanced and erect stance. Bend at your hips and distribute your weight equally between the aches of your feet. You should feel “springy” in your legs, yet relaxed from the waist up.




You’ll want to establish a routine prior to making a shot to help you get into a rhythm. Rushing your shots disrupts the flow of your movements, leading to a sloppy swing.


Hone your sense of rhythm by using the five-ball drill. Hit five balls in a row, starting with a lob swing and increasing the length of each swing until you reach your full swing. Count from 1 to 3 as you swing. Practice completing your swing on the “3” count. Continue until you can swing consistently for five shots in a row. Keep in mind that the rhythm of your swing should feel natural. If you think 3 seconds is too fast, adjust the count to match what feels comfortable to you.


Grip Pressure


When your grip on the club is too loosely or too tightly, you lose your “feel” for the clubhead. This is a problem because many players feel their shots through their hands. Keep your grip pressure constant during every swing. Again, the kind of grip you use depends on what feels comfortable, so you’ll need constant practice to find out which grip works best for you.





Own Your Focus, GolfTips Magazine


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