What Makes a Good Golf Swing: The Four Fundamentals of a Solid Shot

To be proficient at golf and enjoy every game, one of the basic things you need to know is how to swing the club correctly. There are many aspects to your golf swing other than simply sending the ball flying with a club. Below are four things to improve your golf swing:

Balance. Many golfers focus a lot on covering long distances by emphasizing power, but hitting the ball far is difficult to do without good balance. A golfer with good balance is stable because their entire body is coordinating. Poor balance leads to poor control of the club, resulting in a lack of consistency in your golf shots.

Consistency. There’s a difference between just hitting the ball and having a good swing. If your objective is to hit the ball, you need only use your arms to maneuver the club. To achieve the perfect golf swing, on the other hand, you need to be consistent and firm because you use your entire body. When you swing, you shouldn’t end up stooped over where the ball was lying, rather finish upright and looking where the ball is headed.

Hinging. Wrists may appear to play little role in your golf swing, but it’s one key to controlling your golf swing. Proper hinging increases your shot’s accuracy during pitches, putts and drives, helping to eliminate slices and hooks.

Timing. A good golf swing uses timing, not impulse. Just think of it as a pendulum, with two beats for the back swing and another two for the down swing and follow through. If you rush ahead of the tempo or swing with an awkward rhythm, you’ll have trouble with accuracy.



 Top 10 Golf Swing Tips, HowStuffWorks.com


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